Welcome to Touch 

Touch is an integral and important section at the Academy. This is a game for all, although it is mainly female dominated at junior level in Singapore.

At SCC Rugby Academy we have seen the sport grow rapidly in the last few years and we have invested in a quality coaching structure for our talented players. Read about our coaches under the Touch Coaches tab.

Touch started in Australia in the 1960s and has grown massively around the world. Touch World Cups now attract more than 20 nations including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Lebanon, USA, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, England, Italy, Cook Islands, Fiji, Ireland, Malaysia, Kenya, Singapore, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Scotland, Wales, China, Chile, South Korea and the Channel Islands.




What can I expect when I join a SCC Academy Touch team?

U10 Touch is the development pathway for the core of the SCC Academy Touch Rugby Section. The foundation of their development is essentially looking at all aspects of an athlete – mental, physical and emotional. Firm values of TREDS (Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship) are core to our belief on top of basic skills that we develop within the players at this early age. Our club culture nurtures the girls to be a role model on and off the pitch, and it attracts players as young as 8 years old to our community. We consider our U10s are already a force to be reckoned with, they compete in all the local tournaments (and some overseas) and have achieved some fantastic results. With a fusion of nationalities and cultures, our young players build life-long friendships in the process.



At U12 Touch the girls start to learn more about the technical aspects of touch. They are coached in the fundamental skills of driving, dumping, passing and creating overlaps out wide. They learn about positional play and the roles and responsibilities of the three core positions being wings, links and mids. At U12 the coaches start to see what position might suit a player’s speed and style, what positive attributes each girl is developing and the positions that are best suited for their individual talent and ball skills. Across all age groups, the Academy works hard to ensure the girls will be familiar with warm-up techniques and individual training drills so that the girls feel comfortable and confident with training as they move up through the different age categories. This is particularly true at U12 as the step up from U10 is a big one and the coaches work very hard to make this transition as easy and enjoyable as possible 



U14 Touch is yet another big step up from the U12s. The girls are now being specifically coached on training drills, techniques and set plays in the run up to tournaments and competitions. (indeed some of our 14s now play with the older girls in the Singapore TAS League on a Saturday to get more tournament experience). This includes a step up on some of the more basic skills (initiate a touch / the dump / the plant / the roll-ball) plus learning more complicated set plays at tap-off, offensive sets and specific defensive manoeuvres. The coaches will understand what positions best suit the girls at this age category, so training drills will also focus on developing the girls skills, confidence and positional awareness in their preferred position. The SCC Lionesses play in the Singapore TAS League, they are a mixture of girls from our U14 and U16 squads and they currently play c-grade against some of Singapore’s best touch teams.


U16 Touch is currently the oldest age category at SCC (although plans are being hatched to develop a squad at U18). The girls in this category are already well versed with many of the more complex skills, knowledge and understanding of the game, and they are able to demonstrate their talents both in training and at tournaments throughout the year. Some of the more complex plays they have learnt at this level include switch passes, dummy runs, creating overloads, quickies and defensive cornering. At U16, the girls understand that patience, persistence and practice will lead to executed excellence on the field of play and an enjoyable touch experience overall. We are very proud with how many of our girls have come up through the Academy from U10s all the way through to U16 to achieve a very high level of skill and excellence in this exciting and fun sport, and our U16 girls form the backbone to the Lionesses that play in the TAS League on Saturdays.