The best things about playing rugby are; Team work, friendship, learning how to win and lose, exercise, competition.

BORN 2010

Our basic aims are to have fun, learn the basic principles of rugby, encourage team work, be respectful to one another and employ sensible discipline (coaching a group of 35+ kids is hugely rewarding but it will also test every emotion you have especially when you have just landed that morning from a red eye business flight!)

Having been with largely the same group since U5’s it has been really rewarding watching them grow up and seeing their skills and enthusiasm develop.

The parents are also a great bunch who are very supportive and always happy to get involved when they can.


Everyone is very busy with working lives, however Saturday mornings has become something that we really look forward to (meaning we behave on a Friday evening as well!)


As the kids have gotten a little older they are far more congratulatory of others who receive trophies as opposed to the many meltdowns we would get a few years ago.


The tournaments are fantastic and the kids are always asking how many more sleep nights till the next tournament!


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