Newsletter – Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th February 2024 – Week 6

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We are almost ready to move back to our home ground at Dempsey! The football pitch needs a little longer before its fully ready for use, however we can use the rugby field and parts of the football field.


This Saturday training for all age groups, other than the U13 and U14, will be back at Dempsey. The work on the fields hasn’t quite been completed yet, so we are afraid space will be very limited as we also have JRCS games at Dempsey on both Saturday and Sunday.

The U13 and U14 will be holding their training on available space on the Padang on Saturday.

Pitch allocations have been detailed below.

Please take note of the important information below regarding access to Dempsey

1) The back stairs leading from Dempsey Hill restaurants (next to Siri House) are currently closed and there is STRICTLY NO ACCESS to the pitches. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ACCESS THE PITCHES VIA THIS ROUTE. 

2) Access to the playing fields is only from Loewen Road through the SCC Dempsey car park. The car park will be VERY FULL so we recommend still parking at Dempsey Hill restaurants and walking around from there.

3) No vehicles may park along the road or verge of the track that leads to the rugby field from the car park. This track has been barricaded off. 

4) A section of the football pitch will be out of bounds as this is still undergoing work. The area will be marked off with rope or cones. PLEASE DO NOT GO INTO THIS AREA.

5) There is a large blue water tank just past the containers near the rugby pitch. This area is out of bounds and will be marked off. PLEASE DO NOT GO INTO THIS AREA. 

DEMPSEY PITCH ALLOCATION – Saturday 24th February

7:45AM to 9:00AM – U4 – Mini pitches

8:00AM to 9:30AM – U5, U6 & U7 – Sharing the rugby pitch

8:00 to 9:30AM – U8 –  Soccer pitch (half nearest the stairs)

9:15AM to 10:45AM – U9 – Soccer pitch (there will be 15 mins overlap with the U8)

9:30AM TO 11:00AM – U10 – Mini pitches & edges of cricket pitch (outside of boundary area near cricket nets, and far side also if needed)

9:35AM to 11:20AM – JRCS GAMES ON RUGBY PITCH (U11 Tigers v Dragons, U11 Lions v Oldham)

9:30AM to 11:00AM – U12 – Soccer pitch (sharing with the U9).

11:00AM to 12:45PM – U16 – Warm up on mini pitches until 11:15AM and then move to half of rugby pitch once JRCS games are over

11:00AM to 12:45PM – U18 – Soccer pitch

NO TRAINING – U11 (both teams taking part in JRCS games)

PADANG PITCH ALLOCATION – Saturday 24th February

There will be a cricket match on the Padang until 12:00pm on Saturday, so please avoid the area inside the roped off boundry.

10:45AM to 12:30PM – U13 – Padang – outside the cricket pitch boundary, near the walkway in the middle of the Padang

11:00AM to 12:30PM – U14 – Padang – outside the cricket pitch boundary, near the walkway in the middle of the Padang/JRCS GAME @ 12:05PM


On Sunday, Girls Touch and Girls Contact will be held at MOE CCAB Evans Road Stadium again. Location of the grounds is included below.


This weekend will be hosting JRCS games on both Saturday and Sunday, at both the Padang and Dempsey.

On Saturday, there will be 2 games on the rugby pitch at Dempsey, and 1 game on the Padang before the SCC Rugby Section Ladies Day event.

On Sunday, we have 4 JRCS games being played on the rugby pitch at Dempsey.


SCC Rugby Ladies Day is happening this Saturday 24th February!

It’s an afternoon for everyone with lots of F&B pitch side and games for the kids.

Come on down for an afternoon full of rugby that includes @sccrugbyacademy fixtures across the age groups!

See you at The Padang this Saturday!


The girls contact team, Valkyries, will be heading to Cambodia in March to work with the Kampuchea Ballop Initiative and their mission to support underprivileged and/or disabled children in Cambodia in their development through sport and in particular rugby. They will also be visiting a school where children are rescued from foraging on the rubbish tips.

They would appreciate your help through donations, big and small!! The items below are what they are in need of:

  • sports tops
  • ⁠sports shorts
  • ⁠rugby boots
  • ⁠pencil cases
  • ⁠pens
  • ⁠pencils
  • ⁠rulers
  • ⁠sharpeners
  • ⁠erasers

Nick Carlsen, coach with the U12 on Saturday, and Girls Contact on Sunday, will be collecting any items you can donate.

This Saturday Nick will be collecting items from 8:00AM to 10:30AM at Dempsey, and on Sunday he will be collecting items during the Girls Touch and Contact training at Evans Road stadium.


With the recent very wet and muddy conditions, we would like to remind parents, and players, to ensure they wash their faces with water after playing in muddy conditions. 

Microsporidia are spore-forming single-cell intracellular parasites. Since the early 2000s, microsporidia keratoconjunctivitis has been increasingly reported in Singapore, mostly after eye contact with wet soil or mud during outdoor activities. The main presenting signs and symptoms are eye redness, pain/foreign body sensation, photosensitivity and blurred vision.

All players who have been in contact with soil or mud should maintain good personal hygiene. We would encourage the children to bring extra water to wash their faces if they come into contact with mud, and to use different towels for the face and body immediately after training. If your child will use them, you may wish to keep eye drops in your children’s bag so they can apply them after training. 

Do seek early medical consultation (e.g. an eye specialist) should your child experience symptoms such as itchy and painful red eyes with discharge occurring from two days up to three weeks after being in contact with soil or mud.


If your team is taking part in games or tournaments, we would kindly ask that you ensure that your child is wearing their full and up-to-date kit. They must wear the latest playing jersey/touch tops which have our sponsors latest logos on them. Please keep the old tops with the old logos just for training.

We need to honour our sponsors contribution and support by wearing the tops that they have sponsored for us.

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Please make sure you check our Facebook page for the status of training if there is heavy rain, and/or thunder and lightning.

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KL Tigers International Tournament – Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March 2024

TRC Junior Cup (U6 to U10), Marlborough College, Johor – Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May 2024

TRC Cup, Marlborough College, Johor – Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October 2024

SCC Rugby Academy 7s and Touch Tournament – Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd November 2024

SCC Rugby Academy 7s and Touch Tournament Finals – Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November 2024

Girls Contact TRC Cup, Marlborough College, Johor – Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th November 2024

TRC Touch Tournament, Marlborough College, Johor – Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th November 2024



7:45AM to 9:00AM – U4 (2020 or later) 

8:00AM to 9:15AM – U5 (2019)  

8:15AM to 9:30AM – U6 (2018) 

8:00AM to 9:30AM – U7 (2017) & U8 (2016)

9:15AM to 10:45AM – U9 (2015) 

9:30AM to 11:00AM – U10 (2014), U11 (2013) & U12 (2012)

10:45PM to 12:30PM – U13 (2011)

11:00PM to 12:45PM – U14 (2010), U16 (2009/2008), U18 (2007 & 2006)


8:00AM to 9.30AM – Girls Touch U10, Girls Touch U12, Girls Touch U14, Girls Touch U16 & Girls Touch U18

10:00AM to 11:00AM – Girls Contact U10-U12

10:00AM to 11:30AM – Girls Contact U14-U18


Term 1 2024 – Saturday 13th January to Sunday 25th March (CNY break 10th/11th February) 

Term 2 2024 – Saturday 20th April to 23rd June (no half term breaks) 

Term 3 2024 – Saturday 24th August to Saturday 30th November (half term break 12th/13th October)