Newsletter – Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November 2023 – Week 12

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This weekend all our Girls Contact teams are taking part in the TRC Girls Contact Cup which is taking place on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November at Turf City. Good luck girls!

The U13 will be hosting Centaurs for a friendly match on the rugby pitch this Saturday early afternoon when training is over. If you see any lost Centaurs players, please point them in the right direction.


This Sunday 19th November, Titans will be holding the JRCS Fun Mini Tournament for the U8 and U9 at UWCSEA Dover. The U8 will be kicking off their tournament at 8:00AM, and the U9 at 10:45AM. Your coaches will let you know what time you need to be a the UWCSEA.

Titans have asked us to warn those attending on Sunday morning that the UWC Dover Security Gate could be a choke point for walk in and drivers in the morning due to the school security protocol for their campus, so please arrive early. Titans have provided a 1 day activity pass for players visiting UWC Dover for the Fun Tournament (below). Just show the pass at the UWC Dover security gate and they will let you enter without having to sign in.

Once in, just head to the Smiley Face indicated on the map below!


What a way to end the year! Our U14 squad have come up with a great idea to end their 2023 rugby season, and are holding an inter squad Gold versus Black three game end of season series. Have fun boys, and play on!


Congratulations to Katie McGuckian who created this amazingly detailed model of the Singapore Cricket Club for her school project. The model is a board game and comes with detailed information on the SCC! Looks like her teacher, our very own Coach Matty, is super impressed too!


With UK tax allowances falling it can be useful to look at how you can structure your investments to ensure they are as tax-efficient as possible. 

In this webinar our team of experts, Huw Wedlock, Claire Spinks, and Jack Lear discuss the range of investment tools available to help ensure you are investing in the most tax-efficient way. 

What can I learn from this webinar?

  • What is a tax-efficient investment
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  • A better understanding of specific tax-relief vehicles such as EIS and VCTs
  • Tax-efficient investments – risks and rewards 

There will be plenty of opportunity for Q&A. Please submit any questions you would like answered to
Kindly register for your preferred session for the webinar below. You will then be sent a confirmation email with all the webinar details. 

 Wednesday 22 November 2023

UK 10am / Europe 11am / Dubai 2pm / Asia 6pm

Please feel free to forward this invitation to friends, colleagues or family members if you feel it would be of interest to them. We look forward to you joining the webinar.

The Fry Group of companies comprises – Wilfred T Fry Ltd (company number: 00212927), Wilfred T Fry (Executor and Trustee) Ltd (company number: 00358067), British Taxpayers Association Ltd (company no: 00251284), Harris Stewart Ltd (company no: 07650065) and Wilfred T Fry (Personal Financial Planning) Ltd (company number: 00913711) regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under regulatory number 114402, all registered in England and Wales. The Fry Group (H.K.) Limited (company number: 1380590) registered in Hong Kong, licensed to conduct investment advisory and asset management in Hong Kong by the Securities & Futures Commission (SFC) under CE number ATY965, and as an insurance broker by the Insurance Authority (IA) under licence number FB1207. The Fry Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd (company number: 201506546H) registered in Singapore, authorised to act as a financial adviser by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under licence number FA100057. The Fry Group (Belgium) SA (company number: BE 0457 936 109) registered in Belgium and regulated by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) in Belgium under registration number 23345 A to provide insurance advice. Wilfred T Fry (Personal Financial Planning) Limited – The Fry Group (DIFC Branch), (company number: CL3102) registered in Dubai and is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) under registration number F005071. 
The Fry Group email disclaimer can be viewed here.



The JRCS Festival of Nations 2023 (FON) has been confirmed for Sunday 26th November. The link to sign up is now live and availalbe here:


The JRCS Festival of Nations is a festival of rugby where players from all clubs and schools are mixed up into country specific teams, playing against old friends and making new friends, for a fun day of rugby.

It is a brilliant way to celebrate another season of rugby and will be a great send-off for Turf City which has hosted the FON since its inception.

Places will be limited so sign up early. The registration fee includes a country-specific shirt to keep.

Please note due to limited pitch availability at this stage, the organizers will be running the event for U6 to U14. 

Tournament Venue: Centaurs Sports park • 200 Turf Club Road , Singapore  287994

The tournament is organized by JRCS Festival of Nationals


Ice Pops are back on sale at the F&B Hut at Dempsey on Saturdays. They are $2 each – CASH ONLY PLEASE. Please bring the exact change if possible, as it only takes one person paying with $50 or $100 for one ice pop to wipe out all our change. Thank you!


With the hot and humid weather, it’s very easy to become dehydrated, especially if you have been on holiday in cooler climates and may not have acclimatized yet. This is particularly so for the young, and those partaking in outdoor activities – such as rugby and touch!

Dehydration affects our brain’s ability to regulate body temperature, and by the time we experience actual thirst, our brains are already partially dehydrated.

Please make sure your children hydrate well before they come down to training, ensure that they have a full water bottle with them, and encourage them to take sips regularly even if they don’t feel thirsty. If they run out of water, there is water pitch side where they can refill their bottles.

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If your team is taking part in games or tournaments, we would kindly ask that you ensure that your child is wearing their full and up-to-date kit. They must wear the latest playing jersey/touch tops which have our sponsors latest logos on them. Please keep the old tops with the old logos just for training.

We need to honour our sponsors contribution and support by wearing the tops that they have sponsored for us.

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Don’t forget that light snacks are available for sale at the F&B Hut at Dempsey. You will now be able to buy muffins, sandwiches and hot dogs to go with your coffee! Please note that you now pay by PayNow and cash, or you can sign on your account if you are a Singapore Cricket Club member.


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Please make sure you check our Facebook page for the status of training if there is heavy rain, and/or thunder and lightning.

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TRC Girls Contact Cup – Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November

JRCS Minis Tournament (U8 and U9) @ Titans RFC (UWCSEA Dover) – Sunday 19th November

TRC Touch Tournament – Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November 

JRCS Festival of Nations 2023 – Sunday 26th November

Marlborough College Malaysia – Rugby Tournament (U11) – Saturday 2nd December



7:45AM to 9:00AM – U4 (2019 or later) 

8:00AM to 9:15AM – U5 (2018)  

8:15AM to 9:30AM – U6 (2017) 

8:00AM to 9:30AM – U7 (2016) & U8 (2015)

9:15AM to 10:45AM – U9 (2014) 

9:30AM to 11:00AM – U10 (2013), U11 (2012) & U12 (2011)

10:45PM to 12:30PM – U13 (2010)

11:00PM to 12:45PM – U14 (2009), U15 (2008), U17 (2007 & 2006)


8:00AM to 9.30AM – Girls Touch U10, Girls Touch U12, Girls Touch U14, Girls Touch U16 & Girls Touch U18

10:00AM to 11:00AM – Girls Contact U10-U12

10:00AM to 11:30AM – Girls Contact U14-U18


Term 3 – Saturday 26th August to Saturday 2nd December (half term break 14th/15th October) 


Term 1 2024 – Saturday 13th January to Sunday 25th March (CNY break 10th/11th February) 

Term 2 2024 – Saturday 20st April to 23rd June (no half term breaks) 

Term 3 2024 – Saturday 24th August to Sunday 1st December (half term break 12th/13th October)