Newsletter – Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May 2019 – Week 4

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Training will be on as normal for all squads on Saturday.

The Girls Touch are taking part in the TAS Tournament on Saturday, and will not be training on Sunday. Good luck girls!


It seems that the SCC Rugby Academy is receiving some poor reviews on Google, which we believe (and hope!) are being made by children from competitor clubs. Unfortunately we are not able to remove these reviews. The only way we can improve our rating therefore, is to ask our parents and players to provide positive reviews for us.

All you need to do is follow this link and give the SCC Rugby Academy a rating – Google Review


We will be holding a boot swap at training this Saturday 18th May. If you have any boots at home that no longer fit, just bring them in and swap them for a pair that do! Any boots that are left over will be given to charity.

Please don’t forget to give the boots a clean before you bring them down, and also tie the laces together to make it easier for them to remain a pair!


SCC Rugby Academy Girls Head Coach MARAH ISHRAF

Ishraf is lead coach for SCC Rugby Academy’s new dedicated Girls Contact group. Ishraf has been playing rugby since his early school days at ACS (Independent). Back then he was asked to chose a sport. He picked rugby and never looked back.He is now Singapore’s national Rugby Sevens team captain, plays for Singapore’s national Rugby 15s and SCC Prems. He has been coaching rugby for around 7 years in Singapore and the SCC Rugby Academy is proud to have Ishraf on board as lead coach for our new girls group. Ishraf will be supported by our wider team of dedicated and highly qualified coaching team.

Ishraf, why should girls play rugby?

Rugby is definitely a sport for all and girls can have great fun playing. It is a great initiative for the Academy to setup a dedicated girls group. Girls can enjoy rugby as much as boys and there is a great girls and women’s rugby scene in Singapore. My goal is to improve the girls game and make sure they have fun.

What do girls get out of rugby?

Well they could play any sport, but rugby is special. It’s a team sport for a start. It involves lots of values and a team effort, which you don’t get in every sport. Everyone has a job on the pitch and everyone must work together. Contact rugby involves discipline, in attack and in defence. You also need footwork, endurance and good hand-eye coordination. That comes with practice.There’s also commitment on and off the field. You have to put the time and effort in and it will pay off.  What you do off the field very much affects your performance. For example, if you have a game the next day, make sure you eat right, get enough sleep and all that.

Some parents might argue contact rugby isn’t for girls – it’s too rough they claim, what would you say to that?

Yes, many times girls want to play but their parents don’t want them to. The main concern that comes into people’s heads is what about if my daughter gets injured. Honestly, rugby is a sport you are braced for impact – in football you can get attacked from the side, from the back and you don’t see someone coming. In rugby you are braced for impact. If you are just starting to play rugby you learn how to fall and how to tackle so there are many safety aspects before you play a full game of rugby. We will teach you all that! Rugby is also a sport for everyone – there really is a position for everyone, in fact 15 to choose from! Everyone fits in!Yes, that’s why I love rugby as a sport for all!

Girls contact training starts on May 18th 2019 at 9.15 AM and runs every Saturday


Training fees for Term 2 are now due. To check how much you owe for your child, select their team under My Teams on the dashboard page, and then the Payments tab to see their listing.

Please note that on your TeamSnap “home page”, it will show that you have no fees due for “Registration” – you paid this when your child first joined the Academy.

You need to select your child’s team (under My Teams), and then the Payments tab, to find this term’s Training Fees.


Please note that unfortunately we have had to increase the late payment charge as the number of late payers has been increasing each term. A 15% charge will now be added to all unpaid fees after the 4th week of term – for this term, the late fee will come into effect on Friday 24th May 2019.


We now accept PayPal through the TeamSnap application. Just go to the Payments tab on your child’s profile, and you will find the fee amount due and a link for PayPal if you would like to use this service. Please note that the PayPal link can only be found in the web version of TeamSnap, and does not show on the app version.

Alternatively, you can also pay by bank transfer. Details for a bank transfer are as follows:

Account Name: The Rugby Academy Ltd

Account No: 0339049654

Bank Name: DBS

Branch Code: 033

Swift Code: DBSSSGSG

Please reference your child’s name and age group on the payment.

We do not accept payment of training fees by cheque or cash.


In this exclusive event, you will be able to understand the essentials and tools of family legacy planning, explained in detail by the lawyers from Sim Mong Teck & Partners. The host for the evening Maxine Teo, a prominent keynote speaker, will be sharing on some key legacy concepts as well. Following the event, Sim Mong Teck and Partners will be offering a complimentary one hour consultation (at your convenient date and timing). To cap off the evening, Mr Eugene Wong, founder of Mr Otaru, will be taking you through a sake appreciation journey, sharing some of the legacies of award-winning breweries.

Details of Event
Date22 May 2019, Wednesday or 23 May 2019, Thursday
Time6.00pm – 9.00pm
VenueCrescent Ballroom, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
Address190 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248646
Dress CodeSmart Casual
6.00pmRegistration, followed by buffet dinner
7.00pmFamily legacy planning, 
by Sim Mong Teck & Partners, Maxine Teo
8.00pmSake appreciation, by Mr Eugene Wong
8.10pmNet working session

Please email your interest to Sarah at by Wednesday, 15 May 2019, as seats are limited. We will take your RSVP as approval for the SCC Rugby Academy to pass your contact information to HSBC for the purpose of this event.


By attending the event, you agree to being filmed or photographed. Please note that photographs and videos may be taken during the event and may be used by HSBC for branding and marketing purposes. HSBC reserves the image rights for the videos or photos taken at the event by our official event videographer or photographer. HSBC is not the supplier of and accepts no liability for the goods and services provided at the event. Service providers’ terms and conditions apply. HSBC reserves the right to vary the terms at any time without prior notice. In any case of dispute, the decision of HSBC and the respective service provider shall be final. All information is correct at the time of sending this invite.

The views expressed at this event do not represent the views of HSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited. The information and any opinions or views contained or expressed at this event are for your information only and should not be relied upon as investment advice; each person’s individual situations may vary. Neither HSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited nor any of its affiliates is soliciting, advising or recommending any action based on the same or makes any representations or warranties or accepts any liability in relation to the same. Participants are advised to seek independent investment, legal, tax and accounting advice as appropriate. Neither HSBC Bank(Singapore) Limited nor any of its affiliates shall be held liable for any complaint, suit, action, claim, expense, loss or damage arising out of or in connection with this event, the participants’ participation at this event, participant’s reliance or acting upon or use of any advice, opinion, material or product obtained, purchased, given at or in connection with this event.

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Anyone who is domiciled in the UK, or owns property in the UK should consider having a UK Will in place to ensure their well-earned wealth passes to those they wish to pass to.

In this workshop Steve Wright, Operations Manager, Executor and Trustee Company at The Fry Group, will cover the key aspects you should consider with regards to a Will. He will discuss where you should have a Will and what happens if you don’t have one in place.

This presentation will be useful for anyone who already has a UK Will in place and is looking for reassurance that all is in order, or for those that have not yet completed a Will.

Steve Wright, Operations Manager, Executor and Trustee company

Thursday, 23 May 2019

The Fry Group
6 Battery Road#16-04/05
Singapore 049909

RSVP: 1.00pm-2.00pm Lunch

RSVP: 6.30pm-7.30pm Evening

Light refreshments will be served and there will be an opportunity for Q&A during these informal sessions.

Places are limited and registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Fry Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd 

6 Battery Road #16-04/05 Singapore 049909
Telephone (65) 6225 0825  Email

Singapore 049909
Telephone (65) 6225 0825  Email

Authorised to act as a financial adviser by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). License number FA100057


With the recent rainy conditions, please make sure you check our Facebook page for the status of training if there is heavy rain, and/or thunder and lightening.

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TAS Touch Tournament – 18th May 2019

JRCS Semi Finals – 8th and 9th June 2019

JRCS Finals – 15th June 2019

SCC Rugby Academy 7s and Touch Tournament – 2nd and 3rd November (with finals being held at the SCC7s on 9th and 10th November 2019)

Centaurs International Mini & Youth Rugby Tournament – 23rd and 24th November


Term 2 – Saturday 27th April 2019 to Sunday 30th June 2019

Term 3 – Saturday 24th August 2019 to 8th December 2019 (with no training on 26th and 27th October for half term)