U11 – Rugby

Born 2007.  If you asked an under 10 player why they played rugby at our club we think they would say for fun, friendship, sportsmanship & teamwork.

As coaches we want every member of the under 10s to enjoy playing rugby while we strive to improve their skills across all phases of the game. We work hard with players at every skill level to continue their progression.

We think all the players would say they enjoy coming to rugby training, although some may not be as keen on the fitness parts of training!

We are proud of the development of each of the boys to work together as a team when they are on the pitch wearing the SCC colors of black and gold.

Coaches: Russell, David, Rob, Jeff, Charlie, Raj and Nik.

If you want to try out and meet the under 10s on Saturday mornings at Dempsey (0915-1100) fill out this form and we will get back to you. We look forward to seeing you.