Our Teams

The rugby year runs from January to December and is split into three terms. Your child’s team will depend on which year they were born. Read on to meet SCC Rugby Academy’s coaches and teams.

This page has been complied by coaches and players.

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U4 – Rugby

Born after 2014.  This groups consists of 2, 3 and 4 year olds. 5 year olds move to the next group when they are ready.  In the words of coach Brendan “the number one and most important thing about playing rugby is having fun”.  The group meet for organised chaos each Saturday morning and learn … Continue reading U4 – Rugby

U5 – Rugby

Born after 2013.  This groups consists of 2, 3 and 4 year olds. 5 year olds move to the next group when they are ready.  In the words of coach Brendan “the number one and most important thing about playing rugby is having fun”.  The group meet for organised chaos each Saturday morning and learn … Continue reading U5 – Rugby

U6 – Rugby

Born 2012. Our main aim is for kids to leave training with a smile on their face. Looking beyond this we want to bestow the enjoyment we, as players, have for rugby on to the next generation. To do this we have to make training as engaging and fun as possible while also imparting the … Continue reading U6 – Rugby

U7 – Rugby

Born 2011. #1 is to ensure the kids have fun and enjoy being part of a team playing a great sport! #2 is measuring ourselves on how many kids want to continue playing the following year (that means our 1st goal is achieved!) #3 Teach the skills related to the game including respect, teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship … Continue reading U7 – Rugby

U8 – Rugby

Born 2010. Our basic aims are to have fun, learn the basic principles of rugby, encourage team work, be respectful to one another and employ sensible discipline (coaching a group of 35+ under 7’s is hugely rewarding but it will also test every emotion you have especially when you have just landed that morning from a red eye business … Continue reading U8 – Rugby

U9 – Rugby

Born 2009. At Under 8’s we start the exciting journey from touch to contact rugby. During the year we focus on making this transition in a safe and effective way. Lots of time is spent on learning how to fall and tackle in a safe manner, while making the sessions as fun and as engaging … Continue reading U9 – Rugby

U10 – Rugby

Born 2008. The under 9s SCC boys are a spirited group who enjoy learning and playing the game with a never give up attitude. As coaches we aim to instil in our players the values of hard work, teamwork, persistence, mateship, fairness and respect that comes from rugby. We have seen many of the boys … Continue reading U10 – Rugby

U11 – Rugby

Born 2007.  If you asked an under 10 player why they played rugby at our club we think they would say for fun, friendship, sportsmanship & teamwork. As coaches we want every member of the under 10s to enjoy playing rugby while we strive to improve their skills across all phases of the game. We … Continue reading U11 – Rugby

U12 – Rugby

Born 2006. SCC Academy U11s are current TRC Cup winners. As coaches we want to build the kids technical skills while working on their fitness and having fun along the way. In the under 11s the kids are all great mates and are growing and improving as a team. Their progress over the past few … Continue reading U12 – Rugby

U13 – Rugby

Born 2005.  We want all the boys and girls to have fun, get fit, build long term rugby skills, build character and long term life friendships. In the under 12s we have a long term solid and cohesive coaching group that are passionate about bringing the best out of all players and instilling our passion for … Continue reading U13 – Rugby

U14 – Rugby

Born 2004. The under 13s are made up of a great group of players from ten nationalities, including some long standing players from Singapore. Some of the lads have been in the team for a very long time, some are relatively news. All are passionate about rugby and want to have fun and get the … Continue reading U14 – Rugby

U15 – Rugby

Born 2003. Our U14s are a close knit but welcoming fun bunch of boys who come from various local and international schools (ACS, Saint Andrews, Greenridge, LFS, TTS and UWC to name a few). We have also gone from strength to strength over the years with 2016 being the best year the group achieved beating teams we … Continue reading U15 – Rugby

U16/17 – Rugby

Born 2002. SCC Rugby Academy U15s are a diverse group of boys, coming from 13 different schools and a variety of different nationalities and cultures, united by a common set of goals – to make friends, improve their fitness and have a lot of fun, and a common passion – to play rugby and through rugby … Continue reading U16/17 – Rugby

U10 – Touch

Touch teams U10.     The U10s Touch Rugby Team is the pillar of the SCC Touch Rugby Section. This group channels the players to the older age grade, thus we instil the values of Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship on top of basic skills set that we develop within the players. With the … Continue reading U10 – Touch

U12 – Touch

Touch teams U10  U12  U14.  We have a simple ethos to provide an opportunity for girls in Singapore to experience and learn a team sport that tests both their athletic and technical skills. SCC Touch is a very inclusive club with a strong family atmosphere. The success of our club depends on the time and … Continue reading U10 – Girls Touch

U14 – Touch

Touch teams U14 Keeping to our primary objective to have fun and enjoy the game here at SCC Touch, the u14s group explores more advanced technical and tactical aspects of the game as we continue to build on individual basics and skills. With the introduction of more sub-unit manoeuvres usually required at this level, we … Continue reading U14 – Touch