About Us

SCC Academy video by Touch player Emily Finley

Welcome to SCC Rugby Academy

SCC Rugby Academy is a junior Rugby and Touch club attached to Singapore Cricket Club (SCC), one of the premier sporting clubs in Asia.

Importantly you do not need to be a member of SCC to join SCC Rugby Academy, just a passion for rugby!

The Academy started in January 2012 and was inspired by a group of rugby players from the SCC Rugby Section. This association to the adult section means we share expertise and benefit from talented coaches who still regularly play, making us unique as a junior rugby club in Singapore. It also means your teenager progresses smoothly onto Colt and adult rugby.

We train at SCC Dempsey ground on Saturday mornings, Touch trains at SCC Dempsey ground on Sunday mornings. (71 Loewen Rd, 248846)

Singapore Cricket Club itself is based on the historic Padang in the centre of Singapore. The Academy enjoys occasionally training on the Padang for end of term celebrations and we host our annual junior 7s tournament there, one of the most stunning rugby pitches the world.

From a handful of families and players who started at the club we have grown to more than 450 players and pride ourselves on our dedicated coaches and friendly atmosphere. We are a a small and inclusive club where every player matters.

Not for profit

SCC Rugby Academy is a not for profit organisation — this means all our sponsorship and money gets poured straight back into the Academy for the development of our club and the wider rugby community.

Rugby for life

The SCC Rugby Academy runs training groups and teams from under 4s to under 17s.

Players can progress onto SCC Colts (under 19s) and then onto the adult rugby section of SCC ­comprising of The Prems, The Tankards (2nd team) The Lions (3rd team) and the Growlers (veterans).

No other club in Singapore offers this progression from junior rugby, to colts, to adults, to vets. Our youngest player is 3, our oldest in his 60s!

Tournaments and Junior League

SCC Rugby Academy takes part in all the major tournaments in Singapore (from under 5 and above) and the Junior League (JRCS), under 10 and above, and Touch tournaments.

We run our own Rugby 7s and Touch tournament in October, which takes place on the Padang. We tour to KL and take teams bi-annually to Hong Kong and other destinations.

Rugby for All

We welcome players from all walks of life in Singapore, the local community as well as the expatriate community, a mix that is also reflected in our coaching team. We offer scholarships to talented local players who meet our criteria.

For more information or an inquiry please fill out this form and we will get back to you.

You do not need to be a member of Singapore Cricket Club  (SCC) to join the junior SCC Rugby Academy in Singapore, but if you are interested in joining SCC as a social member please see the SCC website. If you are an adult and interested in playing rugby for SCC please contact Ben Chesney at joinsccrugby@gmail.com

Check out our SCC Rugby Academy Facebook page for more photos and information on our club.

Running of SCC Rugby Academy

The Academy is steered by a committee of volunteers who regularly meet to discuss the running and direction of the club. However, we encourage all parents to get involved to whatever extent they wish.

We enjoy an annual Academy social event for parents usually held at Singapore Cricket Club and we hold bake sales and collect old kit for a charity in Manila, the Cararoo Foundation, supporting disadvantaged children by funding their education and enabling them to participate in after school activities like rugby.

As  a whole club we tour annually to Kuala Lumpur to take part in the Saracens 10s tournament. This is the highlight of our rugby year, with a hectic and fun time on and off the pitch!

We occasionally take sides to Hong Kong and join up with other clubs to tour to Perth or other destinations.

The proof of the pudding is always in the eating and we encourage you to get in touch and arrange a visit or a try out (or several) for your child or teenager.

We look forward to seeing you down at Dempsey!